Sunday, March 05, 2006

Skills you should have learned in High School but probably didn't.

High school is supposed to prepare you for College. The question is did you feel prepared in your first year of college? Chances are you felt overwhelmed or underprepared as I did. However over time I began to relieze a set of skills that would help me in my pursuit of an education:

  1. Speed Reading - to read assignments much quicker
  2. Critical Reading - To make your reading more efficient
  3. Note Taking - Better organization of notes will make studying easier and more productive
  4. Typing - Typing reports will take less time.
  5. Mental Math - Makes checking of answers much quicker in higher level math courses
  6. Memorization Techniques - from neumonics to linking systems
  7. Communication - verbal and written
  8. Computer Skills - to help facilite writing reports and doing projects
  9. Time Management - to help with all your commitments
  10. Problem Solving - to help chose what to do in tough situations
  11. Project Management - to help with more complex tasks
  12. Critical Thinking - to help formulate better arguments
  13. Research - to help find the information you need for your assignment

Next time I will start to go into some of the tools, techniques that are useful for these tools. I will also discuss excellent books for more information on these topics. Furthermore, I am planning on adding links to useful sites for students in the coming week.

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